What work experience do you have?

I spent 3 years running my own child minding business from home. I have worked in various care homes, private & general hospitals. Autistic homes & college. Low and medium secure mental health units. Nursing homes, home care, private homes, nursery, residential care & also end of life care.

Which type of people have you looked after?

Elderly, children, teenagers, male & female, paedophiles, schizophrenia & paranoia, depression & bipolar, eating disorders, addictions, self harm, Alzheimer, ADHD & ADD

Which disorders do you cover?

This list is not extensive but I look after children/adults covering;

Learning disability, physical disability, acquired brain injury, psychological, emotional & behavioural difficulties, sexually harmful behaviour, sensory impairment, Autistic spectrum, Asperger & also eating disorder.

How do we pay for Respite Care/Short breaks?

Many local authorities have a Respite Care provision. The problem is, many people do not even know they qualify for it. The reason it is not pushed is a)the cost to the taxpayer & b)there are so few people willing to take on children/adults who are a bit different, especially if there are added medical complications. You may qualify for up to 5 hours per week, and you can sometimes add these up to take a whole day/night 24hour, 48 hour or longer period once  per month.

What activities do you do?

swimming, cinema, parks, museums, theme parks, zoo, water parks, sea side, walking, water sports, Theatre, concerts,  meals out, cooking etc... I like to make a list with each individual child/adult of things they like to do and places they like to visit. I also make a wish list of places that they would love to visit, but have been unable to for one reason or another. I also do my own research to find new activities which may be of interest to each individual and make new suggestions.

We can travel by public transport as I know a lot of people have a passion for trains. I also have my own car with business insurance to enable us to travel wherever is requested.

Do you have an adult & paediatric first aid certificate?

Yes I gained both qualifications, I also have my food hygiene certificate, I am registered with OFSTED, a member of PACEY, I also trained in management of violence & aggression.

What are your plans for the future?

I am aiming to purchase a larger home where I can have a purpose built large outside play area to accommodate wheelchair users also. I'm planning to to provide a large sensory room, soft play room and also a cinema room with appropriate seating. I am also planning a large kitchen with wheelchair accessible work tops, to enable everybody to help join in with cooking and baking.

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