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Hello my name is Anneka, I am hoping that once you read this page, you will feel confident enough to call me. A short trip around my website will give you an idea of who I am, and why I am so passionate about what I do. I am driven by enthusiasm for what I do, a desire to do it well and determination to go the extra mile.

My aim is to offer a select number of children and adults a refreshing, premium service. Delivering a unique, thoughtful and sensitive response to the physical and emotional demands of needing both expert care and a happy, stimulating lifestyle in a short break.

Wanting to be a small business with a select few clients, I will be able to offer exceptional levels of person-centred  care and the highest possible quality of life. I want to be the best at what I do, providing high standards of Respite Care for service users well-being. This also allows me to offer much more freedom and flexibility for each individual.

I believe that the best way to offer this service is through teamwork and regular communication between myself and the parents/primary carers. Open dialogue and working together is paramount.

My Guiding principles and core values are:


  • Teamwork between myself and primary carer
  • Communication between myself,client and primary care giver
  • Honesty in all areas of my life and business
  • Integrity in all areas of my life and business
  • Clarity feedback between myself and primary care giver, also ongoing with the client.
  • Respect for myself, those in my care and for all those around me.
  • Love for all those close to me and in my care
  • Passion for my business and the service I provide, also everything that I believe in
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