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Unbounded Spectrum of Possibilities

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Alternative Respite Care

I provide alternative respite care for the families of children and adults with autism and learning difficulties, helping to reduce stress and prevent families from reaching crisis point. Providing a friendly one-to-one service, giving my undivided attention to each individual and working very closely with their family.

I support the child or adult to access a more independent lifestyle, which builds self-confidence and improves social skills. Establishing boundaries and instilling discipline, I help those in my care feel safe and secure. I find that this approach opens up to a life of trust, fun, enjoyment and personal progression.

I am driven by enthusiasm and passion for what I do. I also believe that the care I offer, enhances emotional well-being, builds resilience and improvement of life chances for both the individual and their family.

My vision is to create a superior alternative to the existing offerings of respite care in the UK and my fulfilment comes from enriching the lives of others. When you first meet me, you will immediately be impressed by my obvious devotion to my role and all those in my care.


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